Learning Through Play and Exploration

Muppets Co-operative Preschool

Muppets is proud to offer a warm, caring and safe environment where children develop through play based learning.

Being a co-operative establishment, Muppets is organized and administered by the parents. Under the direction of trained teachers, parents participate in the classroom creating a memorable experience for all.


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If you would like to support Muppets, here are some of our current fundraisers. All proceeds go to classroom improvement and new equipment. Thanks for your help!

Mabels Labels Fundraiser
Parents participating


If you are looking to have hands on involvement in your child’s preschool experience, and become part of a friendly and vibrant community, then our program is what you are looking for.

Fingerpainting at preschool


The children are encouraged to express their creative side with an organized craft table and many art supplies at their fingertips to produce their masterpieces.

Teachers who care


Entering our bright and colourful classrooms, you will soon realize you have entered a special place. Muppets incorporates teacher guided group activities and self-directed experiences throughout the classrooms.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms illuminate with smiles and enjoyment as the children experience the thoughtfully arranged toys, puzzles, book centre, water table, science exploration table, kitchen centre, dramatic play equipment and computer.